The Process

Many people do not know what to expect when they call a company like ours.
In this section, we will answer a few of the most common questions.

Replacement Window AppointmentThe Appointment

Whether you are calling for windows, decks, doors or siding you should expect a return call for your estimate within 24-48 hours. Your appointment will be set up at your convenience Monday –Saturday with evening hours available.

You will be meeting with someone who has 25 plus years’ experience in the building trades and can answer most questions on the spot. Unlike many companies we do not require both the husband and wife or second owner to be at the meeting. You do not have to make a decision immediately though you can if you want. We have been in business 29 years and we are not going anywhere. Your appointment should be professional and friendly. Most pricing can be done on site while some more complicated proposals may be completed at the office and sent to you.

When You Decide to Proceed

You will have an agreement with a fixed price for the work which needs to be signed and returned to us. If there are special conditions which might alter the cost (such as hidden rot or other items) this will be noted in the agreement . All such repair work to be discussed before proceeding. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Separate signatures will be needed for building permit applications.

After you send in the agreement we will be remeasuring your work for ordering. A project manager will be visiting the site to do this. Old carpenters adage…”measure twice, cut once”.  Most work does not require a deposit.  Manufacturing times and ordering times can vary from product to product as well as from manufacturers. Once we get confirmation of delivery times we will contact you to schedule an installation date. Length of time will be dependent on manufactures lead times, availability of product, our backlog and weather. If you have special requests regarding  scheduling please make us aware up front and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Many people ask us to do projects other than windows, doors, decks and siding. Our typical answer is no. By doing consistent work we maintain the highest standards of excellence in our projects.

White RTV Truck

The Installation

You should expect us on time and ready to do the work. Our well experienced staff arrive with floor protection, staging and equipment ready to do the job. Most of our trucks are equipped with sheet metal breaks to do custom fabrication at the job site. Whether we are at your site for 1/2 day or several weeks we will leave your site clean and ready to enjoy.
See our Installations page for more details…

After Completion

At the end of the project you will receive a call to ask if you are happy with the project. Your satisfaction is our goal! If there is anything you feel we need to do please tell us. Once you say you are happy we will send you a bill for the project. We do not accept credit cards. We might have some financing options depending on the project. If you need financing options please discuss with us prior to going forward and we will see how we can help.

Royal Thermal View…committed to our customers, excellence and value!

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